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Interaction with a Successful Freelance ISO Auditor & Trainer

Interaction with a Successful Freelance ISO Auditor & Trainer

a story was written by  Aishwarya

Mr. B Prakash is a leading freelance ISO Lead Auditor  & Tutor. Currently, he is doing the Auditing & Training jobs in MSME units to Maharatna Organizations in the Indian subcontinent. He is a successful and renowned name in this domain on the national level. He had started his career as a Junior Marketing Professional in a Micro Unit and later in a reputed firm, gradually climbed to mid or senior level Managerial positions. Eventually, he became the ISO ( International  Organization for Standardization) Lead Auditor & Tutor in the  ISO Certification Body after going through a series of courses & practical learning from the National and International level  Institutions and of-course by applying or utilizing his huge or vast working experiences including having enough product knowledge at different corporates or industries to serve or build the rock-solid or leakage proof management systems in the various organizations in our country to produce the quality outputs, Environment-friendly activities, and incident or accident-free and less hazardous or healthy workplaces.

So, in the next one decade he has the vision to set up or build good management systems at least in 1000 companies and as a mission to educate about 100000 employees directly or indirectly of these organizations to enhance their competency or skill level to produce the quality products or services in our country and overseas also.

Mr.Prakash!  You are welcome at this blogging platform. Now, we would like to hear from you to know your views, perception, and journey to be successful as an Entrepreneur or as a Professional.

Excerpts of Interaction:

Q.How do you define the word “ Success”?

Reply:  According to me, Success means achieving your laid down vision within the stipulated time by following your planned mission gradually. First, we need to set our vision or intended destination and prepare our time-bound road map or blueprint to achieve that goal. Moreover, we need a good plan,  then start our doing as per the plan, should do the periodical measurement and monitoring to note the changes and take the further action accordingly by doing the correction and corrective action on that and do the continual improvement in your respective fields. Please remember, success is steady progress toward anyone’s personal goals.

Q.What are the methods to get quick success?

Reply:  There is no shortcut method to get quick success or achievement. You need to devote or spend a certain time to boil the rice to prepare the food or allow the fruits to get ripe and to make it tasty. If you get something by jumping some necessary steps or by following any shortcut mode, then it will not last long or its durability will be less. That’s why do the hard work, adhere to all the required steps and be the life-long owner of that. As we know, a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.

Q.You got the opportunity to see or check the management systems of different organizations due to your profession, what are the common things, they need to improve?

Reply: First of all, many organizations especially the micro or mid-level, are still dependent on the people-driven system rather than system-driven. It is required to establish, document, implement & maintain the management system which is based on structure or system rather than individual importance. Moreover,  each and every organization, need to focus to provide more training to enhance the skill or competency level of employees to produce quality outputs. Apart from that, to establish a good system, the organization needs to lay down the standard operating procedures for each and every activity and also they need to adhere to those procedures to produce a consistently good outcome. As we know that,” having a procedure is great, awareness of procedure is greater, but the adherence or implementation of procedure is greatest.”

Q.What is your view on Sustainability in the market or business?

Reply: The biggest challenge in the current scenario for any Industry is sustainability in their particular field or domain. Now Market is very much competitive and if you do any small mistake or deviation, then others will get the edge. That’s why to sustain in the market everybody needs to produce or provide quality products or services consistently or repeatedly. It is required to increase the customer base regularly, creation of brand awareness gradually, leave no stone unturned to keep the existing customers at their fold, of-course should strive for the new markets, engagement of people, consumer orientation, adhering the customer complaint or acknowledge the feedback and finally maintain the good relationship with all relevant interested parties for the sustainability in business.

Thanks a lot for your valuable comments and we hope to meet you again on this platform.

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  1. Very informative interaction which sheds light on successful management processes. Thanks to Mr. R. Bhattacharya.

  2. Fortunate to interact with Ranajit sir during recent audit.. Wonderful personality with excellent knowledge in domain of safety.

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