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Remote Auditing Methods – new Standard ( draft) – ISO 17012

ISO 17012( new standard- draft stage )- Guidelines for Use of Remote Methods in Conducting Audits of Management Systems.     The  intend or aim of this new standard  is to provide guidance for remote methods to carry out audits of Management Systems and also generates confidence among Organizations/Industries, Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies, Employees and […]

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Learn the Basics of ISO 9001:2015(Quality Management System)

What is ISO  ?      ISO  stands for International  Organization for Standardization , its headquarter is in Geneva ,Switzerland.   The term “ISO” is a Greek word, it means equal or similar. It is a worldwide common platform for issuance or formulation of different Management Systems, Products , Personal and Laboratories  International Standards. What is IAF […]

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Interaction with a Successful Freelance ISO Auditor & Trainer

Interaction with a Successful Freelance ISO Auditor & Trainer a story was written by  Aishwarya Mr. B Prakash is a leading freelance ISO Lead Auditor  & Tutor. Currently, he is doing the Auditing & Training jobs in MSME units to Maharatna Organizations in the Indian subcontinent. He is a successful and renowned name in this […]

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Do You Want to Enhance Business or Professional Career Continually ?

If you are an Entrepreneur or businessman or a hardcore professional or a freelancer or a student, everyone needs growth or improvement continually in their respective fields. For this purpose, you have to produce quality outputs always whether it is product or service to get your customer satisfaction or to earn your employer’s attention. Do […]